“Practice-Building” Membership

The MAP's most popular membership provides you with a comprehensive marketing plan — and the coaching you need to actually execute that plan.

To steadily build your practice, you'll need to have a number of marketing programs working for you, all at the same time — effective systems for lead generation, lead conversion and referral generation...

We'll Start With Lead Generation...

We will take care of the majority of the lead-generation activities for you — so you can focus your time and talents on more important matters. We will plan your marketing, work with your media, and prepare your advertising material — all you'll need to do is approve your ads and media costs, manage your local activities, and be available for coaching.

There are two main ways to attract prospective clients: 1) Invite people to come to your office for a consultation; or 2) Offer attendance at a seminar. We recommend both approaches...

Seminar Ad

Seminar Marketing System
Seminars are the most cost-efficient way to generate a lot of new clients quickly. If seminars haven't worked for you before, you haven't tried it our way!

Our turnkey system provides you with the coaching and step-by-step instructions you need to conduct a profitable seminar. Materials include the following:

Seminar promotions that generate a high response. On average, with just two placements of our seminar ads , you should receive 50-70 reservations!

A Speaker's Handbook that contains instructions on how to conduct a seminar for the most appointments, as well as PowerPoint slides and a complete script.


Print Ads
All ads in the MAP's extensive Ad Library are yours to use during membership. You'll find highly-professional print ads, radio spots, Yellow Pages ads, and lots more — and we'll personalize the MAP's proven promotions for you, at no charge.


Radio Commercials
Professionally-produced radio spots will provide you with high-impact marketing, to attract new business throughout your market. These commercials are ready to be produced for you, at minimal cost for studio time — or free at your local station.

Optional Seminar Signage

Seminar Signs & Carrying Case
These beautifully-designed seminar signs will give your audience a good first impression -- they'll also lead people to your seminar room! These 18" x 24" signs are meant to be placed on floor easels, and are available for a minimum fee. We recommend two signs with a carrying case.


Local Media Recommendations
Strategic media placement is key to generating a good return on your advertising investment. We'll research your newspapers and provide you with specific recommendations, including which newspapers to use, what sections to advertise in, what days of the week to advertise, and what media costs will be.

We'll Leverage Your Results With Lead Conversion...

Once you've attracted prospects in the lead generation stage of marketing, the next step is to convert those prospects to paying clients...


Step-by- Step Systems
Not every prospect will retain your services right away. That's why it's imperative that you have a systematic and effective follow-up process in place.First, you'll receive proven telephone scripts to help your staff schedule more consultations (or, if you prefer, you have the option of outsourcing follow-up to save your staff time).

We'll also help you plan and implement an effective "internal marketing campaign" using your database of prospects and clients. (If you don't already have a database, we can make recommendations).

If you don't already have a systematic follow-up process, by phone & mail, you're leaving money on the table!


Direct Mail Library
We'll provide you with effective letters you can use to "mine the gold" in your database. The MAP's direct mail letters are compelling and highly effective at generating more consultations — response can range from 3-10%! Take a look at a few of our samples: direct mail .


Coaching on "Closing"
An intensive coaching program is available if you'd like to improve your closing or conversion rate. We'll provide the coaching and tools to improve your in-office consultation systems until you see the improvement you desire.

As for Referral Generation...

If you could generate just one referral from every happy client — or even every two or three happy clients — your practice would grow exponentially...


Referral Generation Programs
We'll help you institute easy-to-implement referral programs to generate more referrals from your clients, prospects, and other professionals. The key is to systematize referral generation within your practice, and give referrers the tools they need to easily refer to you.


Unlimited Marketing Consultations
An expert Practice-Building Consultant will be assigned to work with your practice, by phone, and will be available to coach your key staff, at whatever level you need.

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“You're always right there, and I feel like you answer my questions before I think of them.”
— California
“I'm not your only client, but sometimes it seems like it...you attend to my needs so quickly.”
— Oklahoma